Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been a very special holiday for my daughter, Becky.  She’s decorated , thrown parties, dressed up, and made sure loved ones took care of important Halloween business.  She even dressed as a pumpkin and took her eldest son trick-or-treating two days before her youngest was born.

"Happy Halloween" message hand-lettered, with three cats among the letters.

Oh wait… she didn’t dress as a pumpkin that night; it was her pregnant stomach that made me  think pumpkin.  I digress.  Sadly Becky’s parents and older brother were less invested in Halloween.  We all just hid in our rooms while she threw elaborate parties during her teen years.  We’d sneak out occasionally to check on “things” that sometimes happen at teenage parties!

I believe I contributed to Becky’s interest in Halloween.  The following story will demonstrate my helping nature:Pencil drawing of 4 year old girl in a Halloween witch costume, holding a pumpkin.

When Becky was 4, I had her pose in a witch costume, holding tightly to a pumpkin in her lap.  I was amazed at what a perfect, witchy expression she had on her frace.  Fine acting I thought!

As it turns out the pumpkin was moldy and stunk to high heaven.  Still,  Becky sat there for her mommy to get the perfect reference photos for a pencil drawing which became a Halloween card!

All I can say is “Becky you’re welcome!”

Thanks for listening.

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Thoughts on Fall

Autumn is always my favorite time of year. Thanks to the colorful leaves, I find myself surrounded by beauty everywhere I go. The air is crisp and cool, making long walks joyful. Then there’s the food: Apples, pumpkin bread, spiced wine and cider…. need I say more!!?

The monumental events of October include watching my grandsons jump into leaf piles, gather apples, and dress up for Halloween. At ages 3 and 6 “trick-or-treat” is still delightful for the boys and all who are lucky enough to witness the magic.

Happy Fall to you and yours!

Thanks for listening,

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