Welcome to Artful Passages

Artful Passages – Background/Mission for this site

Nest - Watercolor

I’m a teacher, artist, grandmother, mother, and wife, presently making my home in Holland, Michigan. Creating art and teaching it to others helps me deal effectively with life’s high points and challenges.   This web site and associated blog will, I hope, help others find the therapeutic nature of art.  Please join me on this artful passage through life!  – Barb Bromley


Artful Blog Postings – What’s that about?

  • Periodic musings on the life we live.
  • Discussion of art-related topics
  • Mini-lessons you can apply in your own artful endeavors

Artful Services – What is Artful Passages selling?

To help financially support Artful Passages, my family, and life in general I offer the following services to my customers:

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