Whatever the Problem, Birding is the Answer

After months of bad news including biopsies, surgeries, recovery, setbacks, etc., a birding adventure seemed in order to help force the healing process.

In search of bluebirds, hummingbirds, and jays, Steve and I set out for northern California and the small coastal town of Mendicino.  Some of you may remember Mendicino as representing the fictional Cabot Cove in the TV series “Murder She Wrote”.  We stayed at the Hill House Inn, a quaint hotel also featured in the TV show.  This friendly hotel has the most beautiful, hummingbird-friendly gardens I have ever seen.  (Thank you Ms. Toni, the gardener)

No bluebirds in sight, but as for hummingbirds, Stellar’s Jays, and and barn swallows, we saw and photographed hundreds!  It was awesome.

I observed, sketched, photographed, and painted both Allen’s and Anna’s hummingbirds.  They posed on lovely plants and fed from a broad variety of flowers.  For five idyllic days I wandered the gardens feeling the magic flow through me.  Mental healing began.  As this post is titled:  Whatever the problem, birding is the answer!  As I write this blog post I’m back in the real world, well on the road to full recovery.

I had already planned a July demo – “Watercolor bluebird painting”.   This painting portrays a bluebird originally photographed some years ago by my husband. Watercolor painting of a bluebird perched on a china pitcher In remembrance of my father Albert, who’s birthday was July 14th, I perched the bird on a small china pitcher.  I chose this pitcher because the backstamp represents several emotional connections with my father:  “ROYAL ALBERT” ties to his name, “ENGLAND” is a place beloved by both my parents, and “FORGET-ME-NOT” because anyone who knew him, never will forget him.Backstamp from china pitcher used for watercolor painting

Thanks for listening!

Watercolor Hummingbird Signature








9 thoughts on “Whatever the Problem, Birding is the Answer

  1. What a wonderful post, Barbara! Lovely artwork, and so great to hear you are on the mend. Love watching birds…various parrots, cockatoos…other birds (not sure of all their names, should look them up) come by our front porch, for a free feed of sunflower seeds. 🙂 all the best, Janette

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  2. Thank you Janette! I have to admit that I never would have started drawing or painting if not for my love of bird watching. As I get older, I enjoy colorful birds more and more. There is something so cheerful about the bright colors of parrots. It’s also amazing to me how long their lifespans are. I thoroughly enjoyed your flower paintings. I have an appreciation for them more and more as I watch birds, hummingbirds, especially feed from them. Fondly, Barbara


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