Thinking of You

As I worked on this new card, I thought of my friends and family – the great support system that keeps me going through thick or thin.

As we used to say when we lived in Texas, “Thinking of y’all”.

Card taken from a watercolor painting by Barbara Bromley, a.k.a. Artful Barb.


Thanks for listening!

Watercolor Hummingbird Signature

4 thoughts on “Thinking of You

    • Thank you for your compliment as well as kind words. After a months absence from my studio, the doctor says I can go there and paint all day as long as I don’t lift anything but a brush 🙂 I can’t wait to finish the card designs that I started in April!!! How are you doing???
      Fondly, Barb

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      • Hi Barb, so glad to hear your are going alright! I’m still jotting down things, sketching about the place, (mostly on my ever so handy iPad), fitting it in between a busy, and so important, and precious family life. I’ve gathered you also feel that way, about family and friends; your card was such a wonderful gesture to them! Really enjoyed rereading through many of your posts, and admiring your artwork. So looking forward to seeing more.
        I love dogs, too, and birds, all animals..really. We have two Jack Russels…cute little dogs, love them! Well, best get on with some housework…hope to get to do something arty later on. Mind you, I reckon, looking of a household can be quite creative! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your card designs. All the best, your friend, Janette

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  1. Thanks Janette, I really do treasure family and friends. They have inspired so many paintings. When one focuses on family devoting time to them, there is less time for painting but the work has more heart because our loved ones give us more reason to paint:)
    My favorite dog to paint was a golden retriever named Daisy who seemed to have emotional intelligence and is still missed. My maiden name is Russell so Jack Russels have to be appreciated:)
    I’m having fun painting a bluebird on a piece of bone china with forget me not flowers which makes me think of my dad. Hopefully I’ll finish the piece by the end of the week.
    I look forward to your posts as well.
    Fondly, Barbara


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